Procedure for copying and editing DVD camcorder movies
Article ID: ART121310 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Procedure for copying and editing DVD camcorder movies


DVD camcorder movies are primarily designed for direct playback of the recorded discs using either the camcorder connected to the television or by simply removing the finalized DVD disc from the camcorder and placing it into your home DVD player. A computers DVD drive that is compatible with 3 inch Mini-DVD's* combined with DVD playback software installed onto the computer can also play your movies.

For AVCHD high definition DVD camcorders such as the HR10, playback of DVD's recorded in high definition mode may only be played on DVD players that support AVCHD playback (i.e. most Blu-Ray DVD players, Sony Playstation 3, and computers with proper software).

The DVD video format is designed for direct playback rather than uploading to a computer for editing. Various third party software applications are available to assist in uploading your videos to your computer's hard drive for playback, but most video editing software packages do not currently have the ability to edit these files.

If you wish to attempt to edit your DVD movies using your computer we suggest consulting with your software vendor or performing a web search for applications that support DVD camcorder video files (.vob (file type)).
Note: Canon does not support any operations relating to DVD movie files. For questions regarding these operations please check with your software vendor.

*Many slot loading type DVD drives and players are not compatible with 3 inch Mini-DVD discs. Please check with your computer or DVD player manufacturer for information regarding compatibility with 3 inch Mini-DVD discs.