Using the vertical shutter release on PowerShot SD40.

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Using the vertical shutter release on PowerShot SD40.


Shooting Vertically ( Vertical Shutter Release )

Availalable Shooting Modes:

With the camera held vertically, you can release the shutter by pressing the button in place of the shutter button.

  1. From (Rec.) mode press the <MENU> button. Use the or button to select [Vertical Shutter]. Then use or buttons to turn it off or on.
    - The default setting is [On].

  2. Select any shooting mode.

  3. When the camera is held vertically, aim at the subject and press the button to shoot.
  • The button will behave as follows.

- Lit up: Ready to shoot.

- Off: Shooting a still image.

- Blinking: Shooting a movie

  • Unlike the main shutter button, this button does not have a halfway stage. Once the camera focuses it will beep twice and then record the image.
  • To review the image immediately after taking the shot, continue to hold the button.

  • The main shutter button still functions as normal and may be used for either vertical or horizontal shooting .



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