Battery power indicator PowerShot SD40

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Battery power indicator PowerShot SD40


Battery Pack Charge

The following icons and messages will display when the battery pack charge is low.

Battery pack charge is low. Recharge it as soon as possible before it is required for an extended period.
Change the battery pack Battery charge is insufficient to operate the camera. Replace the battery pack immediately.

Battery Capacity

Battery Pack NB-4L (fully charged)

(Based on the CIPA standard)

Number of recordable images Approx. 190 images
Replay Approx. 5 hours
  • The actual figures will vary according to the shooting conditions and settings.
  • Excludes movie data.
  • At low operating temperatures, the battery performance may drop and the low battery icon may appear sooner than at high temperature. To improve performance at these temperatures, warm the battery in your pocket just before using it in the camera.

Test Criteria

Shooting: Normal temperature (23o C +/- 2o C/73o F +/- 3.6o F), normal relative humidity (50% +/- 20%), alternating wide angle end and telephoto end shots at 30 second intervals with the flash fired once every two shots and the camera power turned off after every tenth shot.

Power is left off for a sufficient amount of time*, then the power is turned back on and the testing procedure is repeated.

  • The included memory card is used.

*Until the battery returns to normal temperature

Replaying: Normal temperature (23o C/73o F), normal relative humidity (50% +/- 20%) continuous replay at 3 seconds per image, LCD monitor set to default brightness.



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