Procedure for using Stitch Assist mode PowerShot A630 and A640.
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Procedure for using Stitch Assist mode PowerShot A630 and A640.


Stitch Assist Mode

Use this mode when taking shots that you want to combine into a panorama. To create the panorama itself, you must stitch the images together at your computer.

  • To create the panorama at your computer, use the PhotoStitch software that came with your camera.


Framing a Subject

The PhotoStitch program detects the overlapping portions of adjoining images and merges them. When shooting, try to include a distinctive item (landmark) in the overlapping portions.

  • Compose each frame so that it overlaps 30 to 50 % of the adjoining image.

  • Do not include moving items in the overlap.

  • Do not try to stitch images that include distant and close items. Objects may appear warped or doubled up.

  • Make the brightness in each image consistent. The final image will appear unnatural if the difference in brightness is too great.

  • For good results, pan (swivel) the camera to take successive shots. A tripod helps greatly.

  • To shoot close-ups, slide the camera over the subject, keeping it parallel as you move.

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1. Turn on the camera, and set the mode switch to .

2. Turn the shooting mode dial to .

The LCD monitor will turn on.

3. Select the shooting direction using the or button.

Left > Right

Left to right horizontally

Left < Right

Right to left horizontally

3. Shoot the first image.

  • The exposure and white balance settings are set and locked with the first image.

4. Compose and shoot the second image so that it overlaps the first.

  • Minor discrepancies in the overlap can be corrected with the software.
  • An image can be retaken. Press the or button to return to that frame.

5. Use the same procedures to shoot the remaining frames.

  • A sequence may contain up to 26 images.

6. Press the <FUNC./SET> button after the last shot.

  • A custom white balance setting cannot be set in mode. To use a custom white balance setting, first set it in another Shooting mode.
  • When the button is pressed, you can switch between the items (Exposure compensation/Shooting direction selection) which you can set.
  • The settings in place for the first image are locked in and cannot be changed for subsequent shots.
  • A TV cannot be used as the monitor for shooting in this mode.

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