Confirm the Ink Cartridges are installed correctly - iP1800

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Insert the correct ink cartridges into the correct slots.

Supported ink cartridges:

Black: Insert it into the left side of the ink cartridge holder.

Color: Insert it into the right side of the ink cartridge holder.

Color Model Capacity
Color CL-31 Standard
CL-41 High capacity ( Sold separately )
Black PG-30 Standard
PG-40 High capacity ( Sold separately )

Note: Ink cartridges must be purchased in the region that the printer was purchased. For example: An ink cartridge purchased in the U.S. will not be compatible with a printer purchased in Europe. The table below lists the correct ink cartridges for each region.

Region Printer Ink cartridge
Black Color
11ml 16ml 22ml 3mlx3 4mlx3 7mlx3
Americas PIXMA iP1800 PG-30 PG-40 --- CL-31 CL-41 ---
Europe & Oceania PIXMA iP1800 PG-37 --- CL-38 ---
Asia PIXMA iP1880 PG-830 --- CL-831 ---
Japan PIXUS iP2500 --- BC-70 BC-90 --- BC-71 BC-91

Installing Cartridges:

Confirm that the ink cartridges are installed properly.

<A> The ink cartridge is not installed properly.

<B> The ink cartridge is installed properly.

Close the front cover. Wait until the preparatory operation is complete; it takes about one to two minutes.



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