T70 : How to select an auto exposure mode.
Article ID: ART121599 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


T70 : How to select an auto exposure mode.


The T70 has several AE modesl to select from

Program AE - the aperture and shutter speeds are automatically set by the camera according to the brightness of the subject and a programmed set of aperture / shutter speed combinations.

These programs are convenient for those who are taking pictures with an SLR for the first time, those who do not like to worry about complicated operation, or those who would simply like to concentrate on the picture composition.

  1. STANDARD PROGRAM AE - This program is called standard because it is oriented toward neither shutter speed not aperture size. It is the most popular programmed AE and is suitable for daily snap shots.
  2. TELE PROGRAM AE - Tele program's shutter speed / aperture combinations is programmed so that the camera chooses the fastest shutter speed. It is effective for emphasizing the main subject by making the depth of field shallower. It is also well suited to stopping action in such areas as sports photography. When using a telephoto lens, which because of it long focal length, is likely to cause blurred pictures due to camera-shake, this programs fast shutter speeds reduction the possibility of blur.
  3. WIDE PROGRAM AE - The wide program chooses the smallest possible aperture, thus allowing a deep depth of field. It is suitable for bringing not only the main subject but also the background and foreground into sharp focus and so is appropriate for landscapes or large group shots.
  4. SHUTTER PRIORITY MODE - You set the shutter speed and the camera automatically chooses the correct aperture for the lighting condition. This mode is applicable to taking pictures of moving subjects, you can also control the subjects movement. Faster shutter speeds can be used to freeze the subject motion and slower shutter speeds can provide artistic blur effects.