How to download images in Macintosh.

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How to download images in Macintosh.


Downloading the images to a Macintosh computer

While it is recommended for you to install our provided software, any version of OS 10.x should include a version of IPhoto that will allow you to download the images using this software. If our software is not installed the operating system will usually default to using IPhoto for image acquisition.
1. Connect the computer's USB port and the camera's Digital Terminal with the supplied USB cable.
  • You do not need to shut off the computer for this step, but set the camera's power switch to <OFF> until the camera is connected to the computer.
Please follow these precautions when connecting the camera to the computer.
(1) Connect the camera directly to the computer with a USB cable.
(2) The connection may not operate correctly if you are using other USB devices, excluding USB mice or keyboards, at the same time.
If this occurs, disconnect the other USB devices from the computer and try reconnecting the camera to the computer.
(3) Do not connect two or more cameras to the same computer via the USB interface. The connections may not operate correctly.
(4) Please refer to the [Camera User Guide] supplied with your camera for instructions on how to connect the camera and attach/detach the cable.
(5) Please make sure that the software installation has been already completed if you desire to use the provided software.

2. Set the camera's mode switch to <Replay> and turn the power <ON>.

The Camera Control Panel will appear.

If it does not open, click the [CameraWindow] icon in the Dock (bar at the bottom of the desktop). To set this window so it does not automatically open when you connect the camera to the computer, remove the check mark from the [Start when a camera is connected] in the [File] menu in the Camera Control Window. Also Apple [Image Capture] application preferences controls the action the OS takes when a camera is connected, please adjust this setting according to your preference. IPhoto is the default software used if our software is not installed.

Follow the prompts of the software being used to acquire your images from the camera.



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