Continuous Shooting with the PowerShot S5 IS

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Continuous Shooting with the PowerShot S5 IS


Continuous Shooting

This function is not available in the mode.

Use this mode to shoot successive frames while the shutter button is fully pressed. Recording ceases when the shutter button is released. Smooth continuous shooting at a constant interval can proceed until the memory is full.*1 *2

*1The recommended super high-speed SDC-512MSH SD card (sold separately) is used and formatted with a low level format, and a resolution and compression combination other than and is selected. However, if continuous shooting suddenly stops, the SD card may be full.

*2This figure reflects standard shooting criteria established by Canon. Actual figures may vary according to the subject and shooting conditions. Large/Fine mode


Continuous Mode

Shooting Speed (Images per second.)


Focus While Shooting

Dsiplay on the LCD monitor

Standard Continuous


You can shoot continuously at a short interval.


Recorded image

Continuous Shooting AF


You can shoot continuously with Auto Focus still active.

Auto Focus

Subject right before shooting

Continuous Shooting LV (Live View)

Approx. 0.9

You can shoot continuously with a manually set focus position while confirming composition and the subject matter.


Subject right after shooting

* The focus position of the first image is fixed.

  1. Press the button. The current setting will be displayed this allows you to cycle through the various options each time you press the button.

    *1 Shows the Default setting
    *2 is displayed in and manual focus modes.
  2. Press the shutter button halfway to lock the focus.

  3. Press the shutter button all the way to shoot.

    • Shooting will stop when the shutter button is released.

To Cancel Continuous Shooting

Press the button until the display shows .

To enhance the continuous shooting performance when you suspect the speed has dropped, you are recommended to format the memory card in the camera (Low Level Format) after you save all its images to your computer.



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