Selecting the paper in Easy-PhotoPrint

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Selecting the Paper


1Click the '2. Paper Selection' tab.

The 2. Paper Selection tab appears.

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figure: Paper Selection tab

2Set the following items according to the printer and the paper to be used:


Paper Size

Media Type

Paper Source


The paper sizes and media types shown may vary depending on the printer.

The paper sources may vary depending on the printer and the media type.

If you select duplex-compatible paper (for example, Photo Paper Plus Double Sided), Easy-PhotoPrint automatically sets the print mode to duplex.


If you are not satisfied with the print quality when Photo Paper Pro is selected for Media Type, selecting Photo Paper Plus Glossy or selecting the Print with the best quality when you select Quality Priority check box by clicking the Option... button in the Preferences dialog box may contribute to the improvement in the print quality.

Once you have selected Photo Paper Plus Glossy or Glossy Photo Paper for Media Type on the 2. Paper Selection tab, it will take much time to print on other types of paper. In such a case, select a paper type again following the procedure below:

1. Select a media type you want to use from Media Type on the 2. Paper Selection tab.

2. Exit Easy-PhotoPrint.

3. Start Easy-PhotoPrint again, select a number of copies, and open the 2. Paper Selection tab to check Media Type selected now.

When Fine Art Photo Rag is selected for Media Type, a 35 mm margin is automatically left at the top and bottom of the paper.
It is recommended that you check the print range with the image shown in Preview before printing.

2. Paper Selection Tab

On this tab, you can select a printer, paper size, and media type to be used.

figure: Paper Selection tab

1 Printer The printer models are listed.
You can specify a printer you want to use.
Click figure: Drop-down arrow of Printer to display Easy-PhotoPrint compatible IJ printer models in your system on the drop-down list.
2 Paper Source Paper Source is selectable depending on your printer model.
Refer to the instruction manual of the printer for details.
BJ Cartridge If the selected printer supports the replacement of a BJ cartridge, BJ Cartridge appears. Select the BJ cartridge to be used.

figure: BJ cartridge

3 Vivid Photo Vivid Photo appears if the selected printer supports the Vivid Photo function. Check Vivid Photo to print the selected image in more vivid, natural colors.
4 Photo Noise Reduction Check Photo Noise Reduction to reduce noise in images recorded with a digital camera and print them in much better quality. Select 'Normal' under normal circumstances. If you still have trouble with the noise, select 'Strong'.
5 Paper Size Available paper sizes appear in this area.
6 Media Type Available media types appear in this area.
7 Back button Returns to the 1. Image Selection tab.
8 Next button Moves on to the 3. Layout/Print tab.
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