Selecting the layout and printing with Easy-PhotoPrint

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Selecting the layout and printing with Easy-PhotoPrint




Steps (after image(s) and paper are selected)

1Click the 3. Layout/Print tab.

The 3. Layout/Print tab appears.

figure: Layout/Print tab

2Select the desired layout from Layout.
Click a borderless layout to print borderless photos.


The selectable layouts may vary depending on the printer, paper size, and media type.

3Click Print.


The printing order, number of copies and print quality can be specified on the Print tab in the Preferences dialog box.

When you print on a bordered layout, the margins on the left and right or the top and bottom may become wider than the other.


When you print on large size paper such as A3/A3+, some computers cannot print properly if you print more than one page or copy at a time. It is recommended to print page by page when you print on such paper.

While printing on paper larger than A4 or printing high-resolution images, data may be printed only to the middle if many images are printed at one time. In such cases, check Spool print job page by page in the Preferences dialog box, and then print again.

When Fine Art Photo Rag is selected for Media Type, a 35 mm margin is automatically left at the top and bottom of the paper.

It is recommended that you check the print range with the image shown in Preview before printing.



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