Specify the IP Address Manually-MF4690

Article ID: ART122195 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Follow these steps to enter the IP Address manually from the control panel.


Specify the IP Address Manually

  1. Press <Additional Functions>.

  2. Press <> or <> to select [11. SYSTEM SETTINGS], then press <OK>.

  3. Press <> or <> to select [5. NETWORK SETTINGS], then press <OK>.

  4. Press <> or <> to select [1. TCP/IP SETTINGS], then press <OK>.

  5. Press <> or <> to select [1. IP ADDRESS AUTO.], then press <OK>.

  6. Press < > or < > to select [OFF], then press <OK>.

  7. Press < > or < > to select [2. IP ADDRESS], then press <OK>.

  8. Use the numeric keys to enter the IP address number, then press <OK>.

  9. Press < > or < > to select [3. SUBNET MASK], then press <OK>.

  10. Use the numeric keys to enter the subnet mask number, then press <OK>.

  11. Press < > or < > to select [4. GATEWAY ADDRESS], then press <OK>.

  12. Use the numeric keys to enter the gateway address number, then press <OK>.

  13. Turn off the main power on the left side of the machine, then turn on the power to restart the machine.

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