Shooting in Real Time on the Elph Z3

Article ID: ART122412 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Shooting in Real Time on the Elph Z3


Shooting in Real Time

Shoot with the effective real-time release to capture the peak moment

  • Set the CF1 Custom Function to use this function.

Set the focus

Position the AF frame over the subject and lightly press the shutter button halfway down. The camera makes a brief zooming sound. When the subject is in focus, the green lamp lights. Keep the shutter button pressed halfway

Take the picture.

When the peak moment arrives, press the shutter button fully. The shutter is released immediately.

If you press the shutter button all the way down in a single movement, real-time release does not operate.

  • Take care that the distance from the camera to the subject does not change. If the distance does change, start again from step 1
  • Take care not to touch the lens as this may result in the picture being out of focus
  • The and modes use red-eye reduction and should not be used as the shutter cannot be released immediately.



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