533G Speedlite : How to install the batteries.

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How to install the batteries.


Proper batteries:

Six new AA-size penlight alkaline-manganese (AM-3 or LR-6) batteries which are all of the same brand. NiCd batteries may also be used but they should be fully charged. Since each brand of Ni-Cd battery has its own terminal system, make sure to choose one which is suitable for the 533G. The Canon Transistor Pack G, which is available as an optional accessory may also be used.

  1. Make sure the 533G's main switch is OFF
  2. Remove the bottom cover of the grip by turning it counterclockwise. Take out the batter magazine which is inside.
  3. Inset the batteries into the magazine so that their poles are oriented according to the diagrams in the magazine. The poles must be in the correct directions if the flash is to function well.
  4. Reinsert the magazine into the grip so that the green dot on its bottom is directly opposite The magazine will not go in unless it is aligned properly
  5. To reattach the grip's cover, first align its white index with the white index on the edge of the grip. Lightly press it in and turn it clockwise until it stops

  • When the batteries wear out, replace all of them at the same time with a set of six new ones which are all of the same brand
  • The batteries should be removed if you do not expect to use the 533G for a long time
  • To prevent wasting power, be sure to turn off the 533G's main switch whenever it is not being used.
  • Follow the battery manufacturer's instructions for recharging Ni-Cd batteries
  • Batteries usually do not deliver as much power, if any, in low temperatures. The best solution to this is to power the 533G with a combination of the Canon Transistor Pack G and Ni-Cd Pack TP. Otherwise, keep the batteries warm until you begin shooting and do the same with a spare set of batteries in case you have to change them in mid-session



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