Change the machine settings (MX700)

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Instructions to change the settings on the machine.


Device Settings

This section describes the procedure to change the settings in the Device settings screen, taking the steps to specify Extended copy amount as an example.

1. Make sure that the machine is turned on.

2. Display the Device settings screen.

(1) Press the Menu button.

(2) Press the or button to select Maintenance/settings, then press the OK button.

The Maintenance/settings screen is displayed.

(3) Press the or button to select Device settings, then press the OK button.

The Device settings screen is displayed.

3. Select the menu.

(1) Press the or button to select the setting item, then press the OK button.

The setting screen for the selected item is displayed.

(2) Press the or button to select the menu, then press the OK button.

4. Change the settings.

(1) Press the or button to select the setting item, then press the OK button.

Fax Settings , Print Settings , LAN Settings , Other Settings

FAX Settings

User settings

Date/time setting

Sets the current date and time.

Date display

Sets the format of dates displayed on the LCD and printed on sent faxes.

Three date formats are available; YYYY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YYYY, and DD/MM/YYYY.

Summer time setting

Enables/disables the summer time setting. (This setting may not be available depending on the country or region of purchase.)

Unit name/TEL registr.

Registers the sender information (your name and fax/telephone number) printed on sent faxes.

TTI position

Selects the position to print the sender information (outside or inside the image area).

After selecting the print position, select FAX to print "FAX" or TEL to print "TEL" before your telephone number.

Offhook alarm

Sets whether to set off an alarm when the handset is off hook.

Volume control

Adjusts the volume of the dialing sound.

RX ring volume

Adjusts the ring volume when the machine receives a fax.

Line monitor volume

Adjusts the line monitor volume.

RX ring level

Adjusts the level of the ringing sound the machine makes when it receives a fax (Normal or High).

Telephone line type

Specifies the type of telephone line connected to the machine (Rotary pulse or Touch tone).


This setting may not be available depending on the country or region of purchase.

Activity report

Sets whether to print the Activity report automatically after every 20 transactions.

TX settings


Enables/disables ECM sending.

Pause time

Sets the length of time paused for each press of the Redial/Pause button.

Auto redial

Enables/disables automatic redialing.

Redial times

Specifies the maximum number of redial attempts.

Redial interval

Specifies the length of time the machine waits between redial attempts.

TX start speed

Selects the fax sending speed.

Color TX

When faxing color documents using the ADF, selects whether to perform automatic black & white conversion if the recipient's fax machine does not support color faxing.

TX report

Sets whether to print a transmission report after each transmission.

Attach TX image

When Print error only or Print for each TX is selected, sets whether to print the first page of the document below the transmission report.

Dial tone detect

If you select ON, the machine transmits the fax after confirming the dial tone. This function may not be supported depending on the country or region of purchase.

RX settings

Auto print received

Sets whether the machine automatically prints the fax it received. When set to OFF, received faxes are stored in memory.

Print when out of ink

Sets whether to continue printing received faxes when the remaining ink is low.


Enables/disables ECM reception.

FAX priority mode

Specifies the detailed settings when the receive mode is set to FAX priority mode.

Ring start time

Specifies the length of time to allow the machine to judge whether an incoming call is fax or a voice call.

Telephone ring time

Specifies, in seconds, the time the machine rings for a voice call.

Default action

Sets whether to receive the fax after the specified ring time has elapsed.

DRPD: Set FAX ring pat.

Sets the distinctive ring pattern of a call that the machine assumes as a fax call. If you subscribe to a DRPD service, set this to match the pattern assigned by your telephone company.

This setting is only available in US and Canada.

Incoming ring

Ring count

Specifies the number of times the external device rings with an incoming call when the receive mode is set to FAX only mode or FAX priority mode.

Manual/auto switch

Sets, when the receive mode is set to TEL priority mode, whether to automatically receive faxes after the external device rang a specified length of time.

RX start time

Specifies the length of time until automatic reception is started when ON is selected.

Remote RX

Enables/disables remote reception.

Remote RX ID

Specifies the remote reception ID when ON is selected.

RX image reduction

Enables/disables automatic reduction of incoming faxes so that they fit in the selected paper.

Image reduction direction

Selects the image reduction direction when ON is selected.

RX start speed

Selects the fax reception speed.

RX report

Sets whether to print a reception report after each reception.

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Print Settings

Prevent paper abrasion

Use this setting only if the print surface becomes smudged.


Be sure to set this back to OFF after printing since it may result in lower print quality.

Extended copy amount

Selects the amount of image that extends off the paper when printing in Borderless (full).


This setting can be applied only when Copy mode is selected.


If printouts contain margins even though you are printing in Borderless, specifying Large for this setting may help solve the problem.

PictBridge Settings

For details, refer to "Printing Photographs Directly from a Compliant Device" in the Quick Start Guide.

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LAN Settings

Reset LAN settings

Initializes the network setting information of this machine.


Note that initialization erases all connection settings with computers, disabling printing from computers. After initializing the network settings, connect the machine and your computer with a USB cable and set up the machine again. Make sure this is what you want to do before performing this command.

Display LAN details

Displays the network setting information of this machine on the LCD.

The following setting information is displayed.





IP address


Subnet mask


Default gateway

X. X. X. X

MAC address


MAC address filtering


IP address filtering


(X can be any number from 0 to 9 or a letter from A to F)

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Other Settings

Read/write attribute

Selects whether to allow data to be written onto memory cards from a computer connected via USB or over a wired LAN.


Remove the memory card before changing this setting.

If you set this setting to USB enabled or LAN enabled, card direct printing cannot be done. After you finish operation of the memory card dedicated drive, be sure to set it back to Read-only mode.

Volume control

Selects the volume.

Keypad volume

Selects the beep volume when pressing the buttons on the Operation Panel.

Alarm volume

Selects the alarm volume.

Country select

Selects the country where you are using the machine. This setting may not be available depending on the country or region of purchase.

Adjust contrast

Use this to adjust the contrast of the LCD if it is too low or too high.

Slide show setting

Specifies the image display quality of the slide show.


When Image quality: Std is selected, images are displayed at about 5-second intervals. When Image quality: High is selected, images are displayed at different time intervals according to their resolutions.

Quiet mode

Enable this function on the machine if you want to reduce the operating noise, such as when printing at night.

Enabling this function reduces the noises generated while:


Printing from a memory card,

Printing in fax mode, and

Printing from a PictBridge compliant device.


Printing speed may be reduced compared to when this setting is set to OFF.

This function may not be so effective depending on the print quality setting.

Furthermore, certain noise, such as when the machine is preparing for printing, is not reduced.


The noises generated while scanning or printing from the computer can also be reduced. To reduce these noises, you need to configure the settings on the computer.

For the noises while scanning, refer to the Scanning Guide on-screen manual.

For the noises while printing from the computer, refer to the PC Printing Guide on-screen manual.

Language Selection

Changes the language for LCD messages and menus.

Reset Setting

Reverts all settings you made to the machine since purchase back to default. However, some data may not be erased, depending on the current usage state of your machine.

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