577G Speedlite : How to install the batteries in the Transistor Pack G.

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How to install the batteries.


The accessory provides power for the 577G Speedlite.

It uses six new C-size alkaline-manganese batteries or the Canon Ni-Cd Pack TP (optional accessory) which is rechargeable. The Ni-Cd pack should be fully charged before using.

  1. Unhook the Transistor Pack G's cord from its case and remove the pack from the case
  2. Turn off the Transistor Pack's power switch (photo 1)
  3. Insert the a set of six alkaline-manganese batteries into battery tray TP as illustrated. Then align the contact on the magazine with the transistor pack's and insert the one into the other. (photo 2)
  4. Reinsert the Transistor Pack into its case as shown in the photo. Then rehook the cord (photo 3)
  5. Align the index on the plug at the end of the Transistor Pack's cord with the index on the 577G's external power source socket. Push the plug securely into the socket (photo 4)
  6. Turn on the Transistor Pack's power switch. The lamp next to the power switch should light up (photo 5)
  7. Make sure the usual preparations have been made on the camera, flash and lens and wait for the 577G's pilot lamp to glow. Then take the picture (photo 6)
  • The Transistor Pack's operation lamp glows as long as the power switch is on and there is power. However, even when it is glowing, the batteries should be replaced with new ones or the Ni-Cd Pack TP should be recharged if the flash unit's recycling time becomes longer thank usual.
  • When the batteries wear out, replace all of them at the same time with a set of new ones which are all of the same brand.
  • If you do not expect to use the Transistor Pack G for a long time, remove the alkaline-manganese batteries from the magazine. Ni-Cd Pack TP may be left inserted but the power switch must be off to prevent corrosive battery leakage and other potential damage
  • Be sure the Transistor Pack's power switch is off whenever it is not in use
  • Should the battery temperature rise in continuous shooting with C-size batteries, you may rest at ease, for it is a normal condition
  • There is a protective lining between Battery Magazine TP and the Transistor Pack G. Before using, remove this lining. It may be thrown away.



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