LC-3 Wireless Controller : How to use the transmitter with Remote Switch RS-60T3

Article ID: ART122836 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to use the transmitter with Remote Switch RS-60T3


When taking remote photographs of wildlife, you can achieve more freedom in selecting your vantage point by mounting the transmitter on a tripod to ensure proper signal transmission and using the optional Remote Switch RS-60T3 to operate the transmitter from a distance
  1. Connect the transmitter and RS-60T3 by inserting the connecting plug of the RS-60T3 into the remote socket on the transmitter
  2. Position the transmitter so that its signal emitter faces directly at the receptor on the receiver
  3. Press the control button on the RS-60T3 to transmit the signal and release the shutter
  • Signal transmission is also possible by pressing the transmitter button, even when the RS-60T3 is connected. In this case the button which is pressed all the way down first has priority

The optional Extension Cord 1000T3 enables you to activate the transmitter from 10m / 33ft away with the Remote Switch RS-60T3



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