Setting and function of the printer driver (MacOSX) - Advanced Settings

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Setting and function of the printer driver (MacOSX) - Advanced Settings

The following settings are available on the Main pane. For details on settings items, refer to the printer driver help.

On the Main pane, choose Easy Settings to specify basic print settings based on the print target, or switch to Advanced Settings to complete more detailed settings as desired.

Configuration using Advanced Settings

Media Type Select the paper type.
  • Get Information
Click to display the Get Information dialog box, which shows media types specified on the printer for each media source. When you select a media source, your selection is applied to the printer driver settings for the media source and media type.
  • Set
Click to display the Media Detailed Settings dialog box for ink drying time and other detailed settings based on the paper type.
Print Priority Choose the graphic elements that you want to emphasize for printing.
Print Quality Choose the level of print quality.
Color Mode Choose the color mode.
Set Click to display the Color Settings dialog box for more advanced color settings.
Unidirectional Printing Although unidirectional printing is slower, it can help prevent misaligned lines and ensure better results.
High-Precision Printing Select this option for printing at the highest level of quality. However, this will take more time than regular printing.
Printer Information Click to display the Printer Information dialog box, which indicates the ink levels and gives other information about the printer.



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