Setting the star rating of images in ZoomBrowser EX ver. 6.x

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Setting the star rating of images in ZoomBrowser EX ver. 6.x


Setting the Star Rating of images in ZoomBrowser EX ver. 6.x

This section explains the procedures for setting Star Ratings used in image searches and to display subsets of images.

What is a Star Rating?
You can assign one of three ratings to an image. When a camera image is downloaded to the computer it is assigned a two-star rating.

Setting the Star Rating

  1. To set a rating for an image, set the Browser Area to Preview mode using the top tabs.

  2. Select the image by clicking on it's thumbnail at the bottom of the window.

  3. In the information panel, click on one of the 3 stars to place to fill it in (Rating the image from 1 to 3 stars).

Other Settings Methods for Star Ratings
  • Select the image in the Browser Area, click the [Edit] menu and select [Change Star Rating] in the submenu, followed by your ratings choice.
  • Select the thumbnail image in the Browser Area and click (Properties) on the toolbar above. Set the Star Rating in the Properties window that displays.
  • Right-click on a thumbnail image, select [Change Star Rating], then click on the desired Star Rating.



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