Setting up and playing a slideshow in ZoomBrowser EX ver. 6.x

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Setting up and playing a slideshow in ZoomBrowser EX ver. 6.x


Setting up and playing a slideshow in ZoomBrowser Ex ver. 6.x

This explains how to run a slide show displaying images in sequence in the full-screen mode.

1. Click [View Classify] in the Main Window, followed by [View as a Slide Show].

or you can click the Slide Show icon.

2. Confirm that [1. Select Images] is selected, and select the images in the Browser Area.
You can select multiple images by pressing and holding the [Ctrl] key while you click on successive images. You can also select a series of adjacent images by pressing and holding the [Shift] key while clicking on the first and last images.

  • To view all images in a folder in a slide show, it is convenient to select [Select All] from the Display Control Panel menu ( ).
  • You can also start a slide show by clicking the [Edit] menu and selecting [View as a Slide Show].

3. Click [2. Setup Slide Show] and set the display method for the slide show.

You can change the following options for your slide show:

Image size: the size of the image displayed on the screen.

  • Select from Actual Size, Best Fit, or Maximum Stretch.

Image information: whether image information is to be displayed or not.

  • Select from No Information, Show Information, or Controls Only.

Loop: the number of times the slide show is to run.

  • Continuous

  • Once only

Advance to next slide: the transition from one slide to the next.

  • Select whether this is to be after the indicated time delay, or by a left mouse button click.

Wipe: the transition effect between slides.

  • Select from the available wipe effect options. By clicking on a wipe symbol, an example of the transisition will display. By choosing "?", the wipe transition will be continuously random.

4. Click [3. Start Slideshow].

  • The full-screen slideshow will begin to play. If you have selected to show the slideshow controls (in step 3 above), they will display below the slideshow.

Star Rating Settings Button: You can set the Star Rating for the displayed image while a slide show is playing.

Select Images Button: If you click this button while an image is displayed, the image will appear in the selected state in the Browsing Area after the slide show.

Print Settings Button: Click this button if you see an image you would like to print during a slide show. (The color of the button will change to orange.) When the slide show finishes, PhotoRecord (printing utility) will automatically start and the selected image will appear in the printing window.

Back Button: Click here to go back to the previous image.

Pause Button: Click here to pause the slideshow.

Next Button: Click here to advance to the next image.

End Button: Click here to end the slide show.



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