TL: How to use Av (Aperture priority) mode.

Article ID: ART123157 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to use Av (Aperture priority) mode.


  1. Set the lens aperture at the desired f/stop
  2. Face the camera towards the photographic subject, look into the viewfinder and press the CdS actuation lever
  3. While pressing or locking the CdS actuation lever, turn the shutter dial
  4. Set the meter needle at the o index within the viewfinder for correct exposure.
  • Intermediate positions on the shutter speed dial scale cannot be used, but since any aperture may be utilized, the shutter speed should be first determined when strictly considering the exposure. It is most practical to adjust the aperture according to this
  • During the use of the meter, there are instances of the movement of the needle becoming slack, owing to changes in the degree of light but is is due to the characteristic of the CdS
  • When taking pictures against light, always use a lens hood
  • When the subject is too bright or too dark and is outside the coupling range of the built-in exposure meter, the meter needle will point to the top of the viewfinder and will indicate that proper exposure cannot be obtained.



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