Playing back movies on the DC22 DVD camcorder

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Playing back movies on the DC22 DVD camcorder


Playing Back Movies

Special Playback Modes

Adjusting the Volume

  1. Move the power switch to ON, then slide it down towards MODE and release it to set the camcorder in PLAY mode.
    - The green PLAY indicator will turn on.
  2. Slide the /switch to the (MOVIES) position.
    The scene index screen appears with the selection frame on the first scene.
  3. Use the multi selector (, ) to move the selection frame to the scene you want to play back.
    - Press the + or - button to move to the next or previous index page, respectively.
  4. Press the /button to begin the playback.
    - Playback of the scenes recorded on the disc will start from the scene selected.
    - When the end of the last movie recorded is reached, playback will stop and the camcorder will return to the scene index screen.
  5. While in playback mode. Press the / button again to pause the playback.
  6. Press to stop the playback and return to the scene index screen.

  • To use the viewfinder, close the LCD panel.
  • When playing back a DVD-R DL (dual-layered) disc, you might notice a brief stop (approx. 1 second) at the point where the playback switches from Layer 1 to Layer 2.
  • About the screen display: During playback, the time code at the upper right corner of the display gives the hours, minutes and seconds of the recording. The date and time when the scene was recorded will be displayed at the lower right corner. The remaining disc time may not appear when the time left is less than 15 seconds.
  • As long as you don't turn off the camcorder you can resume playback from the point you stopped last.

Adjusting the Volume

While playing a movie (): If you use the LCD screen for playback the camcorder will play the sound using the built-in speaker. If you close the LCD panel the sound will be muted.

From the scene index screen or during playback:

  1. Press the <MENU> button.
  2. Use the multi selector () to select the [SYSTEM SETUP] menu and press ().
  3. Use the multi selector () to select the [VOLUME] option and press ().
  4. Adjust () the volume as desired and press ().
  5. Press the <MENU> button to save the setting and close the menu.

Special Playback Modes

/ (Playback Pause)
To pause playback, press the / button during normal playback.

Fast Forward Playback / Fast Reverse Playback
During normal playback, press or on the camcorder (SEARCH or SEARCH) on the wireless controller). Repeatedly press the button to increase the playback speed.
Fast playback: 5x - 15x - 25x the normal speed.

SLOW (Slow Forward)/(Slow Reverse)
Plays the movie at about 1/3 normal speed. Press the button on the wireless controller during normal or reverse playback. Press the (play) button to return to normal playback.

  • There is no sound during special playback.

  • The picture may become distorted during some special playback modes.



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