Using the electronic manual (LiDE 90)

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Using the electronic manual (LiDE 90)


How to use the electronic manual

The electronic manual [Scanning Guide] is installed onto the hard disk together with the software programs.
The procedure below explains the basic usage of electronic manual [Scanning Guide] using LiDE 90 as an example.

Start the manual by any of the below manners:
Manner 1 : Double-click the icon on the desktop.

* Icon display varies depending on the OS you use.

Manner 2 : For Windows, the [Scanning Guide] can be started by selecting [Start]-[(All) Programs]-[Canon CanoScan LiDE 90 (your scanner's name) Manual] and clicking [Canon CanoScan LiDE 90 (your scanner's name) Manual].

The portal screen of the [On-screen Manual] is displayed.

Click the link to the information you wish to know on the portal screen of the [Scanning Guide].

Selecting an item from the index:
Select an item you wish to know from the index, then the detailed page is displayed.

Full-menu screen

* The electronic manual [Scanning Guide] can also be started by clicking (the button to display the operation manual) on the toolbar of ScanGear or (the button to display the guide) on the bottom right of the one-click mode screen of MP Navigator EX.

Let's Try Scanning Screen

How to use keyword searches
Click the [Show] button on the upper left of the screen to switch to the screen for keyword searches.

Enter a keyword you wish to search and click [List Topics], then the page describing the content will be displayed on the main screen.

* The [BackSpace] key or the arrow keys may sometimes be disabled when you enter a keyword. In this case, press the [F6] key to enable these keys.

Enter a keyword into (the search field).



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