Loading paper in the MP610 rear tray.

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Loading paper in the rear tray.


Loading Paper / Envelope

Follow this procedure to load paper / envelope in the rear tray :

  1. Open the Paper Support tray, then pull out the extension <1>.

  2. Pull open the Paper Output Tray <4>.

  3. Fan paper and align all four corners.

  4. Load a few sheets of letter or A4-sized paper (print side facing up) into the rear tray.

  5. Pinch and adjust the paper guide to the width of the stack <3>.

  6. Press the <Feed Switch> button to ensure the rear tray light is on <5>.

*MP600 shown


  • If the Cassette light is on, press the <Feed Switch> button so the rear tray light comes on.
  • If rear tray light does not come on even after pressing the Feed Switch button, Paper Source in the printer driver may be set to a setting other than Feed Switch.

Paper Type


Envelope * (DL / #10 )

Set paper with the flap closed.

Load envelopes into the rear tray as indicated below with the flap on the left-side, facing the back of the printer and the print side facing up.

The model illustrated may differ.



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