550EX Speedlite : How to set Flash Exposure Bracketing (FEB) on the flash.

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How to set Flash Exposure Bracketing (FEB) on the flash.


With FEB, you can obtain bracketed flash shots of the subject while the background exposure level remains the same. Three bracketed flash shots can be taken: Correct exposure, decreased exposure and increased exposure. The three shots can be bracketed up to +/-3 stops in 1/3-stop increments (1/2-stop increments if the camera enables only 1/2-stop increments). This is called FEB (Flash Exposure Bracketing). After all three bracketed flash shots are taken, FEB is canceled automatically.

Press the <SEL/SET> button and select
  • Pressing the <SEL/SET> button changes the blinking setting in the following loop:

  • The icon and flash exposure bracketing display will blink
  • If the icon appears press the <SEL/SET> button again

Press the <+> or <-> button to set the flash exposure bracketing amount

Press the <SEL/SET> button

The 550EX's LCD panel display will be similar to the figure on the left

Focus the subject

When the shutter button is press halfway, the FEB setting is displayed on the viewfinders right.

Check that the subject is within the flash range displayed on the 550EX's LCD panel

Check that the flash icon is displayed in the viewfinder, then take the picture

Take the remaining two bracketed shots

Press the button
  • FEB will be set.
  • After the three shots are taken, FEB will be cancelled automatically
  • For FEB, set the camera's drive mode to single shot. Be sure the flash is ready before shooting
  • You can also combine FEB with flash exposure compensation and FE lock

C.Fn - You can prevent the FEB from being cancelled automatically after the three shots are taken - C.Fn-03

C.Fn - The FEB shooting sequence can be changed - C.Fn-04



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