EOS Rebel K2 : How Manual Exposure (M) mode works.

Article ID: ART123712 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How Manual Exposure (M) mode works.


In this mode you set the shutter speed and the aperture for total exposure control. The exposure level of the shutter speed and the aperture you set is indicated on the exposure level scale. You can thereby check how suitable the exposure will be

* "M" stands for Manual

Turn the Command Dial to <M>

Set the shutter speed and aperture value

  • To set the shutter speed, turn the dial
  • To set the aperture value, hold down the <Av+/-> button and turn the

Focus the subject

  • The exposure setting will be displayed
  • The exposure level indicator indicates how close the exposure level is to the correct exposure

Determine the exposure

  • Look at the exposure level indicator and set the shutter speed and the aperture as desired

Take the picture

If the exposure level indicator blinks at <+2> or <-2>, it indicates that the exposure is respectively overexposed or underexposed by 2 stops or more



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