About Easy-PhotoPrint

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About Easy-PhotoPrint



What is Easy-PhotoPrint?

Easy-PhotoPrint is a program that allows you to easily print photos in three steps:

1. Select the photo(s)to be printed

2. Select the Printer, Paper Size and type

3. Print the Photo(s)using a selected layout.

Easy-PhotoPrint can be used with digital cameras or to print images stored on a computer. You can also correct red-eyes caused by a camera flash and brighten or sharpen a person's face in a photo. Furthermore, you can apply digital face smoothing to enhance the skin as well as removing blemishes from a person's face in a photo.

Easy-PhotoPrint consists of two main screens.

figure: Print Setting screen and Correction/Enhancement screen

(1) Print Setting screen
Allows you to select and print images.

(2) Correction/Enhancement screen
Allows you to correct and enhance images. This screen can be opened from the Print Setting screen by clicking Correct/Enhance.


A guidance appears at the top of an Easy-PhotoPrint screen.
Following the operations in the guidance allows you to print photos easily.

If the guidance is not displayed, click figure: Down arrow in the upper right of the screen or select Help, then Display Guidance.

Printing on paper larger than A4 is available with supported printers only. See your printer manual for details.


Easy-PhotoPrint does not support Windows® 95 or Windows NT®.

If you are using Windows Me or Windows 98, a processing message appears when starting Easy-PhotoPrint. It may take some time to start. Wait a while until the message disappears.

Normal operation of Easy-PhotoPrint under Windows XP was verified, but Easy-PhotoPrint does not support the Fast User Switching function of Windows XP.
It is recommended to exit Easy-PhotoPrint before you use the Fast User Switching function.

When the display screen is less than 800 x 600, this program may not run properly even though it can be started.

About Exif Print

Easy-PhotoPrint supports "Exif Print." Exif Print is a standard for enhancing the communication between digital cameras and printers.
By connecting to an Exif Print-compliant digital camera, the image data at the time of shooting is used and optimized, yielding extremely high quality prints.

Supported Data Formats (file extension)

JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)

Easy-PhotoPrint image files (.epp)



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