Borderless printing ( with roll paper width) MacOSX

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Borderless printing ( with roll paper width) MacOSX

*Borderless printing is only available with rolls.

Scale to fit Roll Paper Width
Enlarge or reduce the original as a whole to match the roll paper width.

This topic describes how to enlarge originals before printing to match the roll width, based on the following example.

Document: Any type
Page size: A4 (210.0x297.0 mm)/Letter (8.3 x 11.7 in)
Paper: Roll
Paper type: Heavyweight Coated Paper
Roll paper width: 10 inches (254.0 mm)

  1. Choose Page Setup from the application menu to display the Page Attribute dialog box.
  2. Select the printer in the "B":Format for list.
  3. In "C":Paper Size , click the size of the original. In this case, click ISO A4 .
  4. Click "F":OK to close the dialog box.
  5. In the application, create an original that takes up the entire space of the paper size.
  6. Choose Print in the application menu.
  7. Access the Main pane.
  8. In the "A":Media Type list, select the type of paper that is loaded. In this case, click Heavyweight Coated Paper .
  9. Select the print target in the "E":Print Target list.
  10. Access the Page Setup pane.
  11. Click Roll Paper in the "A":Media Source list.
  12. Make sure the width of the loaded roll is displayed in the "B":Roll Paper Width list—here, 10 in. (254.0mm) .
  13. Make sure the CPage Size setting matches the original size as selected in "C":Paper Size in the Page Attribute dialog box—in this case, ISO A4 .
  14. Select the "D":Enlarged/Reduced Printing check box.
  15. Select the "H":Borderless Printing check box.
    This ensures that "F":Fit Roll Paper Width is automatically selected in "D":Enlarged/Reduced Printing .
  16. Confirm the print settings, and then click "M":Print to start printing.



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