Printing Vertical or Horizontal Banners (Large-Format Printing) MacOS9

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Printing Vertical or Horizontal Banners (Large-Format Printing) MacOS9

You can create vertical or horizontal banners by printing originals that are in banner format on rolls.
Originals created in Microsoft Word or other applications in your preferred size can be enlarged to fill the width of roll paper by completing simple printer driver settings.

Fit Roll Width Size
You can easily create vertical or horizontal banners by automatically enlarging or reducing originals to fit the full width of rolls.

This topic describes how to print a banner about five times as long as the roll width based on the following example.

Document: An original designed for a horizontal banner
Page size: Non-standard (100x500 mm, [3.9x19.7 in])
Paper: Roll
Paper type: Plain Paper
Roll paper width: 10 inches (254.0 mm)

The steps to print a vertical or horizontal banner are as follows.

  1. In the application, create an original in the format of a horizontal or vertical banner.
  2. Register a Custom Media Size in Media Design . Banners tend to be in non-standard sizes, so register a Custom Media Size . In this example, 100x500 mm (3.9x19.7 in) is registered.
  3. Print the banner, using the settings that correspond to banners.

Register a Custom Media Size

This example describes how to register and print using a page size that is horizontally elongated and suitable for banners in either horizontal or vertical format.

  1. Create the document in the application.
  2. Select the printer in Chooser .
  3. Choose Page Setup in the application menu to display the Page Attribute dialog box.
  4. Click Media Design in the Page Attribute list to display the Media Design pane.
  5. Enter a desired paper name in "B":Custom Name . "My Horizontal Banner" is used in this example.
  6. In "C":Units , click "D":mm .
  7. Under "F":Media Size , enter "100" in "G":Wid. and "500" in "H":Hght .
  8. Click "J":Add to add the paper size of "My Horizontal Banner.
  9. Access the Page Attribute dialog box.
  10. In the "A":Page Size list, click the size you added, "My Horizontal Banner."
  11. In "B":Orientation , click the icon of the document in landscape orientation.
  12. Click "I":OK to close the dialog box.

Print the banner

Follow these steps to print the banner using the corresponding banner settings.

  1. Choose Print in the application menu.
  2. Make sure the Main pane is displayed.
  3. In the "C":Media Type list, select the type of paper that is loaded. In this case, click Plain Paper .
  4. After confirming that "E":Easy Settings is selected, click POP in the "F":Print Target list.
  5. Access the Finishing pane.
  6. Click Roll Paper in the "A":Media Source list.
  7. Make sure the width of the loaded roll is displayed in the "B":Roll Paper Width list—in this case, 10 in. (254.0mm) .
  8. Access the Page Setup pane.
  9. In "B":Page Size , make sure "My Horizontal Banner" is displayed, as registered in Media Design .
  10. Select the "C":Enlarged/Reduced Printing check box.
  11. Click "E":Fit Roll Width Size .
  12. Confirm the print settings, and then click "N":Print to start printing.



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