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Changing Print Settings—Advanced

You can change the Bordered/Borderless, Brightness, or Contrast by pressing the Function button (f1/Advanced) on the screen displaying Advanced.

After pressing the 'Advanced' button, use the Easy Scroll Wheel to select 'Manual correction' and press the 'OK' button.

The selections below can be adjusted to correct images for proper printing:

  • Border

    Bordered ................ Prints with a border.
    Borderless ............. Prints on the whole paper without a border.

  • Date

    Date ON.................. Prints the date the photo was taken.
    Date OFF ................Does not print the date the photo was taken.

  • File no.

    File no. ON ............. Prints the image No. (DCF No.) on the photo.
    File no. OFF ...........Does not print the image No. (DCF No.) on the photo.

  • Red eye correc. ON/Red eye correc. OFF

    If you select Red eye correc. ON, the Red eye correction function corrects red-eye caused by reflection when the flash hits a person's eyes.

  • Vivid photo ON/Vivid photo OFF

    If you select Vivid photo ON, Vivid photo function (Greens and blue are printed more brightly) is used.

  • Photo opt. pro ON/Photo opt. pro OFF

    If you select Photo opt. pro ON, Photo optimizer pro function automatically corrects the image brightness and color.

  • Noise reduction ON/Noise reduction OFF

    If you select Noise reduction ON, digital camera noise (which may be seen in dark areas or areas such as sky) is reduced.

  • Face brightener ON/Face brightener OFF

    If you select Face brightener ON, the Face brightener function activates and prints darkened faces brighter when printing photos taken against a bright light.

  • Image optimizer ON/Image optimizer OFF

    If you select Image optimizer ON, the Image optimizer function corrects the contours and smooths out the jaggedness.

  • Brightness

    Adjusts the brightness of a printed image.

    Brightness +2/Brightness +1/Brightness standard/Brightness -1/Brightness -2

  • Contrast

    Adjusts the contrast of a printed image.

    Contrast +2/Contrast +1/Contrast standard/Contrast -1/Contrast -2

  • Color hue

    Adjusts the color hue of a printed image.

    Color hue red +2/Color hue red +1/Color hue original/Color hue yellow +1/Color hue yellow +2

  • Effect

    No effects
    ..................... Prints a photo without any processing.

    Effect: Sepia
    ................ Prints a photo using sepia tones only.

    Simulate illustration
    .... Prints a photo in the manner of an illustration.



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