Setting and function of the printer driver (MacOSX) - Page Setup Pane
Article ID: ART123881 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


Setting and function of the printer driver (MacOSX) - Page Setup Pane

The following settings are available on the Page Setup pane. For details on settings items, refer to the printer driver help.

Media Source Choose how paper is supplied.
Options displayed in the list vary depending on the selection in Media Type in the Main pane.
Roll Paper Width Displays the paper width of the roll loaded in the printer. Unknown is displayed if the printer cannot detect the roll paper width.
Page Size Displays the size of the original, as specified in the page settings of the application.
Enlarged/Reduced Printing Choose from the following options when this setting is activated.
  • Fit Media Size
Resizes the document image to match the paper size.
  • Fit Roll Paper Width
Resizes the document image to match the roll width.
  • Scaling
Resizes the document image based on a specified scaling value. Enter a value in a range of "5-600."
Borderless Printing Borderless printing is available if Roll Paper is selected in the Media Source list.
Activate this setting for borderless printing to match the size and width of the paper.
Media Size Choose the size of the paper you will print on.
Click Display all selections for Media Size to list available sizes.
Print Centered Activate this setting to print document images in the center of the paper.
No Spaces at Top or Bottom Activate this setting to print the next image skipping blank areas above and below printable data in documents, which enables you to conserve the paper.
Rotate Page 90 degrees Activate this setting to rotate the original 90 degrees before printing.