Setting and function of the printer driver (Windows) - Layout sheet

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Setting and function of the printer driver (Windows) - Layout sheet

The following settings are available on the Layout sheet. For details on settings items, refer to the printer driver help.

Page Layout Activate this setting to select a particular page layout.
  • Set
Click to display one of the following dialog boxes depending on the selection in Page Layout . In these dialog boxes, you can specify layout details and which pages to print, as well as other settings.

Page Layout Printing
Pages to Print
FreeLayout Settings

Watermark Activating this option makes two settings available, Watermarks and Edit Watermark.
  • Watermarks
Lists the provided watermarks. Choose the watermark to print.
  • Edit Watermark
Click to display the Edit Watermark dialog box for creating your own, original watermark.
Print Centered Activate this setting to print document images in the center of the paper.
Rotate 180 degrees Activate this option to rotate document images by 180 degrees before printing.
No Spaces at Top or Bottom (Conserve Paper) Activate this setting to print the next image skipping blank areas above and below printable data in documents, which enables you to conserve the paper.
Copies Enter the number of copies to print, in a range of "1-999."
Special Settings If the printing results are not as you expected, click this option to change how printing is processed.
Defaults Click to restore all settings on the sheet to the default values.



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