Sure Shot Megazoom 105 / Megazoom 105 Caption : How to use the wireless remote control.

Article ID: ART123950 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to use the wireless remote control.


The Sure Shot Megazoom 105 Caption's built-in remote control function releases the shutter up to 5m / 16.4 ft away from in front of the camera and is handy for taking ground pictures which include yourself

Slide the remote controller in the direction of the arrow to remove it.
The red remote controller/self-timer lamp (on the front of the camera) starts blinking slowly
Aim the remote controller toward the camera and press the control button. The subject is focused and the red lamp starts blinking rapidly and the picture is taken after approximately two seconds.
  • You can lock the focus after the remote controller is removed from the camera by pressing the shutter button halfway so that the green lamp lights up.
  • This function cancels if the remote controller remains removed from the camera for more than eight minutes before the picture is taken. To reactivate, reattach the remote controller to the camera and then remove it again
  • The remote control function may not operate if the camera is in extremely strong backlighting or if the remote controller is to far from the camera. In case such as these, use the camera's self-timer function.
  • The remote controller operates up to 5m / 16.4ft away when directly in front of the camera or up to 3.5m / 11.5ft when located at an angle to the signal receiver (25° left or right, 18° up or down)
  • The camera operates normally even with the remote controller removed.



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