540EZ Speedlite : How to create a catchlight with the flash

Article ID: ART123964 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to create a catchlight with the flash


A "catchlight" is a point of light reflected in the subjects's eyes which adds life to the photograph. When taking portrait shots with bounce flash the 540EZ's built-in wide panel can be used as a reflector to provide a catchlight effect

Rotate the flash head upward to the vertical 90° position then pull the wide panel out of its housing until it locks in place at the click position. After that, the procedure is the same as for normal bounce flash photography.
  • The catchlight effect will not be produced if the flash head is rotated to the left or right. The catchlight panel should only be used with the flash head in the 90° upward bounce position
  • To effectively produce the catchlight in the subject's eyes, make sure the subject is within 1.5m / 5ft from the camera

If the flash head is angled 7° downward while the wide panel is set to the catchlight position, the entire LCD panel will blink to warn you that the bounce position is incorrect. Rotate the flash head to the 90° upward bounce position.



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