540EZ Speedlite : How to set and use bounce flash.

Article ID: ART123965 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to set and use bounce flash


To prevent the harsh background shadows that are often created when the flash is fired directly at the subject, try directing the flash at the ceiling or a wall so that the softer reflected light illuminates the subject for a more natural effect. This technique is called bouncing the flash.

Press the left/right bounce latch or up/down latch and direct the flash head at the reflective surface such as a wall or ceiling. The flash head can be rotated vertically and laterally to achieve the optimum bounce position.
  • The flash head can be rotated to the following angles with 0° defined as the straight-ahead position.

When the flash head is rotated to a bounce position, the bounce indicator lights in the LCD panel

  • If the flash is set to auto zoom mode when the flash head is rotated to a bounce position the coverage angle is automatically set to 50mm. The zoom position can also be set manually to any desired coverage angle.

Cover the subject with the viewfinders AF frame and press the shutter button halfway

Make sure the shutter speed and aperture value displayed in the viewfinder are not blinking and that the flash charge indicator icon is lit, then take the picture.

  • After taking the picture with bounce flash, the flash exposure check lamp will light for approx. 2 seconds if correct exposure was achieved. If the flash exposure check lamp does not light, the subject was underexposed: Set a larger aperture and take the picture again



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