540EZ Speedlite :How to set the flash for close-up photography.

Article ID: ART123967 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/17/2015


How to set the flash for close-up photography.


The 540EZ's flash head can be angled downward 7° for better flash coverage in close-up shooting situations. With the flash head in the 7° downward position, sufficient flash coverage is provided in the lower part of the scene when shooting at close distances.
When the flash head is angled 7° downward, the 7° downward position indicator is displayed in the LCD panel

  • The 7° downward position is effective only for close shooting distances of 0.5~2m / 1.7~6.6ft with the flash head directed straight forward
  • When the shutter button is pressed halfway, the 0.5~2m / 1.7~6.6ft coupling distance bar indicator light in the LCD panel
  • Coupling distance bar segments to the right of the 2m /6.6ft indicator and to the left of the closest distance indicator blink in the display to indicate that the flash head is in the close-distance shooting position
  • If the coupling distance falls outside of the 0.5~2m / 1.7~6.6ft range, all of the coupling distance bar segments blink to warn you that the shooting distance is inappropriate for the flash head setting.



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