Macro Ring Lite ML-3 : How to attach the Macro Ring lite to may lens and camera.

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How to attach the Macro Ring lite to may lens and camera.


Attaching the flash unit to an FD series Macro Lens

With the FD 50mm f/3.5 Macro, FD 100mm f/4 Macro, FD 200mm f/4 Macro lenses it is necessary to screw in the Macrolite Adapter into the lens filter thread before attaching the flash unit. Use the Macrolite Adapter 52C for the 50mm, 100mm and the 58C for the 200mm macro lenses

Attaching the flash unit to an EF series lens
  1. While press the unlock buttons, attach the flash unit to the lens
  2. Confirm that the flash unit is properly attached to the lens
  • The flash unit rotates a complete 360°
Connecting the flash unit to the control unit

Insert the flash unit's connecting cord into the control units terminal. Ensure proper electrical contact by pushing in the connecting cord until its U-shaped groove is no longer visible

When removing the connecting cord, be sure to grasp the plug while pressing the connecting cord lock release lever. Pulling only on the cord may cause damage
Mounting the control unit on the camera
  1. Loosen the lock nut and slide the control unit into the accessory shoe to ensure correct electrical contact. make sure it is pushed all the way in
  2. Tighten the lock nut



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