Setting Continuous Shooting Mode PowerShot SD40.

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Setting Continuous Shooting Mode PowerShot SD40.


Setting Continuous Shooting Mode

Shooting Modes feature is available in:

In this mode, the camera shoots continuously while the shutter button is held down. If you use the recommended memory card*, you can shoot continuously at a set shooting interval until the memory card is full.

*Recommended Memory Card

Super high speed SDC-512 MSH memory card (sold separately) newly formatted with low level formatting.

• This reflects standard shooting criteria established by Canon. Actual results may vary according to the subject and shooting conditions.

• Even if continuous shooting suddenly stops, the memory card may not be full.

1. Press the FUNC. Menu and press the down arrow until you reach ( Drive Mode)

and choose (Continuous Frame Shooting Mode ).

2. Shoot.
  • The camera will continue to record successive images while the shutter button is fully pressed. Recording will cease when the shutter button is released.

To Cancel Continuous Shooting. Select in step 1. above.

The interval between shots lengthens when the built-in memory of the camera fills.

If the flash is used, the interval between shots lengthens because the flash must charge.



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