Setting close-up and infinity modes PowerShot SX100 IS.

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Setting close-up and infinity modes PowerShot SX100 IS.


Shooting Close-Ups/Infinity Shots


Macro: Use this mode to shoot close-ups of flowers or small items.

Image Area at Minimum Focusing Distance from End of Lens to Subject

• Maximum wide angle setting: 29 x 21 mm (4.1 x 3.0 in.) Minimum focusing distance: 1 cm.


Use this mode to record subjects 3 m (9.8 ft.) or more from the end of the lens.

1. Press the / MF button to select the Macro, Infinity (Normal) or MF mode. The selected mode appears on the LCD monitor. To change from / / MF ( Macro / Infinity / Manual Focus ) use the or buttons to display the desired mode.

  • The zoom bar will display while you adjust the zoom. At zoom ranges not possible for macro photography, the bar will appear yellow and the icon will gray out. Although the shutter button can be pressed at this point, the image will be recorded at standard shooting distances.

To cancel the macro/infinity mode, press the / button to remove or from the display.

  • Use the LCD monitor to compose close-ups in macro mode since images composed with the viewfinder may be off-center.
  • The exposure may not be optimal when the flash is used in macro mode.



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