How to install driver and software that came with my PowerShot camera.

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How to install driver and software that came with my PowerShot camera.



  1. Do not connect the camera to your computer until the Solution Disk is removed from the computer. With the camera connected, the software will not be installed correctly.
  2. You must first log in as an Administrator (computer system administrator) to install the driver.

  1. Close all programs that are running.

  2. Load the Digital Camera Solution Disk into your computer. The Installer panel will start automatically.

    If the Installer Panel does not appear, use the following procedure to display it.

    1. Double-click My Computer on the desktop.

    2. Right-click the Digital Camera Solution Disk icon, and then select "Open" from the menu that appears.

    3. Double-click the Setup icon.

  3. In the Installer Panel, click 'Install'.

  4. In the dialog box that appears, click 'Next'.

  5. In the Setup Type dialog box, select 'Easy Installation', and then click 'Next'. Select 'Custom Installation' only if you need to specify an alternate location for the software to be installed to or only install specific applications.

  6. Check the details of the License Agreement, and then click 'Yes' if you consent to all the conditions.

  7. In the dialog box that appears, the destination for the installation will be displayed and click 'Next'.

  8. The installation will begin and will automatically install all applications.

  9. Once the installation completes you may be asked to restart your computer. If necessary restart the computer before connecting the camera.

  10. Plug the USB cable supplied with your camera into the USB port of your computer. The port's location differs between computers. Refer to the documentation provided with your computer for further details.

  11. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the <DIGITAL> terminal on the camera.
    (PowerShot SD400 shown)

    Please note the following things when making the connection using a USB cable.
    • Use only the USB cable supplied with your camera to connect the camera to the computer.
    • Directly connect the camera to the computer with the USB cable. If you connect the camera to the computer via a hub, the camera may not operate correctly.
    • Do not connect multiple USB devices to your computer while the camera is connected. This may prevent the camera from operating correctly.
    • Do not simultaneously connect multiple cameras to the same computer. The camera may not operate correctly if other cameras are connected to the same computer.
    • Do not let your computer go into standby (sleep) while it is connected to the camera. If your computer goes into the standby (sleep) mode, wake your computer up while it is still connected to the camera via the USB cable.

  12. Set the camera to playback mode and then set the power switch to <ON>.

    This completes the installation of WIA Driver. If a dialog box such as Found New Hardware appears, the installation will be completed when the dialog box disappears.

    Your computer may display a window such as Scanner and Camera Wizard, depending on its settings. Close the window, if it appears, to complete the installation of WIA driver.

    Do not set the camera's power switch to <OFF> until the installation is completed.



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