Print Directly From a Digital Camera iP6600D

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Print Directly From a Digital Camera iP6000D


Perform Direct Printing from a Canon Digital or Video Camera

  1. Confirm that the digital camera/video camera is turned off.

  2. Using the USB cable (for connection to the computer) supplied with the digital camera/video camera, connect the digital camera/video camera to the printer.

  3. Confirm that the printer is powered on and turn on the digital camera/video camera.

    Note: Depending on the model, the digital camera/video camera will turn on automatically after connection to the printer. (For details, see the User Guide for the digital camera/video camera.)

  4. Confirm that the message "Digital camera connected." is displayed on the printer's LCD.

  5. Confirm that the mark below is displayed on the digital camera/video camera's LCD monitor.

    <1> Digital camera/video camera supporting "PictBridge"
    <2> Digital camera/video camera supporting Canon "Bubble Jet Direct"

  6. To display the image to print, operate the keys of the digital camera/video camera.

  7. To display the Print Setting screen, press the Set button of the digital camera/video camera.

  8. Select Style or Paper Settings and specify the paper size, paper type, and layout.

  9. After setting Style or Paper Settings, select Print, and press Set to start printing.

    Note: When printing using a digital camera/video camera supporting PictPridge, setting the paper type, paper size, or layout to Default will use the printer's settings for the specified setting.

How to set the printer when connected with PictPridge

  1. Press the Paper Settings button.

  2. Specify the paper size and paper type set in the printer and the desired layout.

  3. After confirming the settings, press the Paper Settings button.

  4. Perform printing using the digital camera/video camera.

    Settings in the digital camera Settings in the printer

Printed with 5" x 7" bordered Photo Paper Plus Glossy set in the printer settings

Paper sizes and Paper types:

When setting either the paper type or paper size to Default, the setting specified is according to the printer setting.

When "Paper size" and "Paper type" are set as below, paper can be loaded in the printer as follows:



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