Using DV control on the XL H1 camcorder

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Using DV control on the XL H1 camcorder


Using the DV Control

This feature enables the XL H1 to control the record and stop function of a connected IEEE1394 storage/recording device. The device must comply with the IEEE1394 AV/C protocol.

Windows XP (SP2) users can use the CONSOLE software (sold separately) to download video and audio recordings (in HDV or DV standards) from the camcorder to the computer's hard disk. For details refer to the software?s help modules..

  1. Press the <MENU> button to open the menu and select [SYSTEM]. Select [DV CONTROL], set it to [ON] and close the menu.

  2. Press the start/stop button.

When the XL H1 is in record pause mode:

XL H1: Record pause mode Connected device: Record pause mode

When the XL H1 is recording:

XL H1: Recording Connected device: Recording

When the XL H1 is not ready for recording (no cassette loaded etc.)

Connected device: Recording/record pause mode

After loading a cassette while the connected device is recording:

XL H1: Recording Connected device: Continues recording

Pressing the start/stop button again:

XL H1: Record pause mode Connected device: Record pause mode
  • The status of the connected device is indicated as follows:
    Connected device is recording
    Connected device is in record pause or stop mode
    Connected device is in a mode other than record pause or stop
    [DV CONTROL] is set to [ON], but no DV device is connected
  • When the XL H1 stops recording without operating the start/stop button (e.g. tape has reached the end) while the XL H1 and the connected device are recording, the connected device continues recording.
  • When connecting two XL H1s via a DV cable, make sure to set [DV CONTROL] of the connected device to [OFF].
  • Up to 2 other devices can be connected to the XL H1 for DV control.
  • DV control may not work properly depending on the connected non-Canon device.
  • As long as the built-in rechargeable lithium battery is charged, the DV control setting is retained by the camcorder even if you turn the power off. Make sure to check the setting after use of the DV control function, as the tape in the connected device may be overwritten.



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