Operation panel-ICMF 3200

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Operation panel


Operation panel

A Processing/Data indicator
Flashes during sending or receiving faxes. Lights up when the machine has waiting jobs.
B <COPY> key
Press to switch to Copy mode.
C <FAX> key
Press to switch to Fax mode.
D <SCAN> key
Press to switch to Scan mode.
E Error indicator
Flashes or lights when an error has occurred.
F <Density> key
Press to adjust copy or fax density.
G <Enlarge/Reduce> key
Press to enlarge or reduce copy ratio.
H Numeric keys
Enter letters and numbers.
I <Stop/Reset> key
Press to stop a current job. Also, press to return the machine to standby mode.
J <Energy Saver> key
Press to set or cancel Sleep mode manually. The key lights green when Sleep mode is set, and goes off when the mode is canceled.
K <Start> key
Press to start copying, scanning and sending faxes.
L <Tone> key
Press to switch from rotary pulse to tone dialing.
M <Collate/2 on 1> key
Press to collate copies, or press to set 2 on 1 copying.
N <Image Quality> key
Press to select image quality for coy, fax, or scan.
O <Clear> key
Press to clear entered alphanumeric characters.
P <Additional Functions> key
Press to select or cancels modes in Additional Functions.
Q <> key
Press to increase the value for various settings. Also press to see the next item in the menu.
R <OK> key
Press to accept a set function or mode.
S <> key
Press to decrease the value of various settings. Also press to see the previous item in the menu.
T LCD display
Displays messages and prompts during operation. Displays selection, text, and numbers when adjusting the settings.
U <Status Monitor> key
Press to check fax transmission, print, copy, and report output status.



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