Formatting the memory card in the XL H1 camcorder

Article ID: ART124355 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/14/2015


Formatting the memory card in the XL H1 camcorder


Initializing a Memory Card

Initialize new memory cards, or when you get the message "CARD ERROR". You can also initialize a memory card to erase all data recorded on it.

  • Initializing a memory card erases all data, including protected images and custom preset files.
  • Images and custom preset files erased through the card initialization cannot be recovered.
  • If you use a memory card other than the supplied one, initialize it with the camcorder.

  1. Open the menu and select [CARD OPERATIONS].

  2. Select [INITIALIZE].

  3. Select [EXECUTE].

  4. In the confirmation screen select [YES].
    The card initialization starts.



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