Load paper correctly - i9100 / S9000 / S900

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Load paper correctly - i9100 / S9000 / S900


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Loading Paper Correctly

1. Open the front cover and move the paper thickness lever to the correct position for the media in use. Move the lever to the left position for plain paper. Move the lever to the right position for envelopes and T-Shirt Transfers.

*S9000 shown

<1> Front Cover

<2> Paper Thickness Lever

2. Load the paper.

(1) Insert the paper into the sheet feeder with the print side facing up.

(2) Align the paper stack against the right side of the sheet feeder.

(3) Pinch the paper guide and slide it against the left side of the stack of paper.

(4) Limit Mark Do not load paper beyond this Load Limit Mark.



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