Replace / install ink tanks correctly - i450 / i455 / i470D / i475D

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Replacing ink tanks correctly - Printers using BCI-24 Inks


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Replacing an Ink Tank

When replacing an ink tank, check the model number very carefully. The printer will not print properly if the wrong ink tank is used, or installed in the incorrect position.

Black: BCI-24 Black

Color: BCI-24 Color

Replacing an Ink Tank

When an ink tank runs out of ink, replace it using the following steps.

1. Ensure that the printer is on, and then open the front cover.

The print head holder moves to the left.

2. Remove the empty ink tank(s).

Handle ink tanks carefully to avoid staining clothing or the surrounding area.

Discard empty ink tanks according to the local laws and regulations regarding disposal of consumables.

3. Prepare a replacement ink tank.

a. Unpack a new ink tank and remove the orange protective cap.

Important: Do not re-attach the protective cap once you have removed it. Once the protective cap is removed, do not touch the open ink port.

4. Insert the ink tank.

*example below shows replacement of tanks

a. Insert the black ink tank into the slot on the right, then push in until the ink tank clicks into place.

IMPORTANT: For correct printer operation, make sure ink tanks are secure in slots.

b. Repeat the procedure for the color ink tank (BCI-24 Color), inserting it into the remaining slot.

5. Close the front cover.

The print head holder moves to the right.



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