Recording movies on a tape Elura 100
Article ID: ART124599 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 08/14/2015


Recording movies on a tape Elura 100


Recording Movies on a Tape

Before You Begin Recording: Make a test recording first to check if the camcorder operates correctly. If necessary, clean the video heads.

  1. Holding the lock button on the switch pressed down, set the switch to <CAMERA>.

  2. Set the <TAPE/CARD> switch to .

  3. Open the lens cover (move the lens cover switch down to ).

  4. Press the <start/stop> button to begin recording. Press the <start/stop> button again to pause recording.

When You Have Finished Recording

  1. Turn the <POWER> switch to <OFF>.

  2. Close the lens cover (move the lens cover switch to ).

  3. Unload the cassette.

  4. Disconnect the power source.

  5. Close the LCD panel.

  • Wait until the tape counter stops completely before you start recording.

  • When you do not remove the cassette, you can record the next scene without producing any noise or blank sections between the recordings even if you turn the camcorder off.

  • Bright light may make it difficult to use the LCD screen. In such case, use the viewfinder instead.

  • When recording near loud sounds (such as fireworks, drums or concerts), the sound may become distorted or may be recorded not in the actual sound level. This is not a malfunction.

  • The camcorder enters the stop mode ( ) after 4 minutes 30 seconds when left in record pause mode ( ) to protect the tape and video heads. In stop mode, press the start/stop button to start recording.