Recording Movies on a Memory Card Elura 100.

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Recording Movies on a Memory Card Elura 100.


Recording Movies on a Memory Card

  1. Holding the lock button on the <POWER> switch pressed down, set the switch to <CAMERA>.
  2. Set the <TAPE/CARD> switch to .
  3. Open the lens cover (move the lens cover switch down to .
  4. Change the size and quality of the still images, as necessary.
  5. Press the <start/stop> button to begin recording. The <CARD> access indicator flashes.
  6. Press the <start/stop> button to stop recording.

  • Do not turn off the camcorder, change the position of the <TAPE/CARD> switch, disconnect the power source, open the memory card cover or remove the memory card while the card access indicator is flashing. Doing so could result in data damage.
  • When you are using a SD Memory Card, make sure that the protect switch is set to allow recording.
  • Do not load/unload a cassette during recording.
  • We recommend using a Canon SD Memory Card, or a SD Memory Card with a transfer rate of more than 2 MB/sec., right after you have formatted it with this camcorder. With memory cards not formatted with this camcorder, or when recording/erasing has been repeatedly performed, the writing speed may be lower and recording may stop.
  • You can select the focusing point when recording a movie on the memory card.
  • Users of Windows XP: When you plan to connect the camcorder to a computer using a USB cable, keep the length of one movie shorter than approx. 12 min. in 320 x 240 and 35 min. in 160 x 120.
  • The recording time varies according to the movie size, the recoding condition and the subjects.



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