Recording movies to a VCR or digital video device ZR500 and ZR600 and ZR700

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Recording movies to a VCR or digital video device ZR500 and ZR600 and ZR700


Recording to a VCR or Digital Video Device

You can copy your recordings by connecting the camcorder to a VCR or a digital video device. If you connect to a digital video device via a IEEE-1394 cable (optional), you can copy recordings with virtually no generation loss in image and sound quality.

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  1. Set the camcorder to PLAY (VCR) mode and load a recorded cassette.

  2. Connected device: Load a blank cassette and set the device to record pause mode.

  3. Locate the scene you wish to copy and pause playback shortly before the scene.

  4. Play back the tape.

  5. Connected device: Begin recording when the scene you wish to copy appears. Stop recording when copying is complete.

  6. Stop playback.
  • When connecting a VCR, the quality of the edited tape will be slightly lower than that of the original.
  • When connecting a digital video device:
    • If the picture does not appear, reconnect the DV cable or turn the camcorder off and back on again.
    • Proper operation cannot be guaranteed for all digital video devices equipped with a DV terminal. If operation does not work, use the AV terminal.
  • We recommend powering the camcorder from a household power source.

Connecting the devices

Connecting to a VCR:

  1. Turn off all devices before starting the connections.

  2. Connect the STV-250N Stereo Video Cable to the camcorder' s AV terminal and the audio/video terminals on the VCR.
    - Connect the white plug to the white audio terminal L (left), the red plug to the red audio terminal R (right) and the yellow plug to the yellow video terminal VIDEO.

  3. Set the input selector to LINE.

Connecting to a Digital Video Device

Connect the DV cable from one camcorder's DV port to the other's DV port.



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