Registering One-Touch Speed Dialing-ICMF 6500

Article ID: ART124701 | Date published: 05/12/2015 | Date last updated: 10/16/2015


Registering One-Touch Speed Dialing


Registering One-Touch Speed Dialing

  1. Press <Additional Functions>.

  2. Press <> or <> to select [ADDRESS BOOK SET.], then press <OK>.

  3. Confirm that [1-TOUCH SPD DIAL] is displayed, then press <OK>.

  4. Press a one-touch speed dialing key (01 to 23) for a registering fax number, then press <OK>.
    You can also select one-touch speed dialing number with <> or <>.

  1. Confirm that [TEL NUMBER ENTRY] is displayed, then press <OK>.

  2. Enter the fax number you register (max. 120 digits, including spaces and pauses) with the numeric keys, then press <OK>.

  3. Confirm that [NAME] is displayed, then press <OK>.

  1. Enter the destination name (max. 16 letters, including spaces) with the numeric keys, then press <OK>.
    To register another one-touch speed dialing key, press <Additional Functions>, then repeat the procedure from step 4. You can set [OPTIONAL SETTING] for each destination.

  2. Press <Stop> to return to standby mode.



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