Flash Modes SureShot Z155

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Flash Modes SureShot Z155


Flash Modes


In dark places and in backlit conditions, the flash fires automatically.

Flash Distance Range (with color print film)


Film speed




ISO 100

2 - 12.1 ft

2.5 - 6.9 ft

ISO 200

2 - 17.4 ft

2.5 - 9.8 ft

ISO 400

2 - 24.6 ft

2.5 - 13.8 ft

Autoflash with Red-eye Reduction

In dark places, the flash automatically fires after the red-eye reduction lamp is lit.

Flash ON (Fires for all shots)

The flash fites when the picture is taken.

Flash OFF (Never fires)

The flash does not fire.

Flash Off with Manual Exposure Compensation

There is automatic exposure compensation in backlit conditions but manual exposure compensation is also optional.

  • Exposure Compensation You can use this setting to prevent your subject being too dark (underexposed) when the surroundings are extremely bright, such as at a ski-reson or in backlit conditions.
  • Exposure Compensation You can use this setting to prevent your -subject being too bright (overexposed) when the surroundings are extremely dark, such as on a spotlit stage.

Because of the slow shutter speeds in dark places in , and modes. if the camera shake warning comes on (the green lamp blinks 16 times per second). you must use a tripod to keep the camera steady.



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